Sample Policy

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our sample offerings.

  1. Free Samples: Yes, we provide 5 complimentary samples with each order.
  2. Verification Requirement: To receive samples, it is essential to possess a valid business license or Tax ID (EIN Number) in accordance with standard purchasing procedures.
  3. Limitations on Sample Requests: Ordering multiple consecutive free samples without additional purchases is not permitted. Engaging in such actions constitutes a violation of our policy and may result in the termination of accounts and future orders.
  4. Product Testing Recommendation: We encourage you to request samples to evaluate our products on a smaller scale before committing to larger purchases. While it is possible to purchase fragrances without sampling, we highly recommend utilizing our samples for thorough product testing prior to making bulk orders.
  5. Disclaimer: Please note that we do not accept responsibility for products incompatible with your brand. Consequently, refunds or returns are not available in such cases.